As a junior copywriter, Michael Crosby has a natural flare for producing dazzling advertising copy for a known poison. There are two flies in that ointment--his mom is dying from it and he'd rather be writing plays.

Enter ingenue stage right. Ninety-eight generations after the other drop-dead gorgeous Semele, who Zeus French-fried on a bad date, this one is just as beautiful and equally desired by today's gods--a meteor, shooting up overnight into the highest layers of New York society and the powerful men who own it.

A mere mortal, it is Michael who proves to be the most heroic of them all when he rescues her from a similar fate--being set afire during foreplay with a god-like lover.

A delightful and sophisticated tale that romps through the NYC advertising world, the production of a play even more cursed than Macbeth, sectarian violence in a Polynesian paradise, as well as exploding thunderbolts on top of Mount Olympus itself, Semele captures one man's search to find his voice by losing his heart.